What does Noel Muller stand for?


I am thrilled at the opportunity to serve the community that provided me so much in my youth!

I have identified 4 areas of focus, based on what I see as ‘areas of opportunity’.

I look forward to engaging with District staff, and the general public, to find and enact measures that improve daily life in Sechelt, while building for the long term. 


Citizens of Sechelt have a right to be heard in their Municipal process.  It is clear when I’ve attended town halls, and talked with residents, that some people do not feel heard. 

Current council has pushed ahead with rapid changes at the District of Sechelt; understandably, people have felt uneasy with the pace. 

We have a clear opportunity to build bridges and resolve community issues as a pathway to progress.

I will work to provide the very best information to residents regarding council activities.  In this way citizens can become part of a Municipal process that includes them as a stated priority.

 Green Values

Ecological wisdom is a cornerstone of any good government.  At a Municipal level, nearly every function is geared towards reducing our collective impacts on our immediate surroundings. 

Sewer systems, potable water, garbage collection, and land use planning are all ways we mitigate environmental damage caused by development. 

The District of Sechelt is founded upon a rich and diverse natural environment that can be protected if it is made a priority.  We need to choose cost effective measures that protect biological diversity alongside the human activities within the District.

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility is the primary objective of responsible government.  Citizens have a right to a District Council that will protect the public purse from abuse.

Sechelt has a responsibility to provide critical services to its citizens, and that can only be ensured when the District’s financial position is well cared for.

Council directives must pass rigorous financial scrutiny aimed at ensuring a balanced budget that includes room for infrastructure investments.

Fresh Perspective

The ‘millennial generation’ is currently under-represented on Municipal Councils across Canada.  I aim to provide this voice on the District Council. 

Most ‘millennials’ are now reaching the age of ‘family formation’, and have needs that must be made a priority within the District.  They now form large parts of the real estate, retail, and labor markets.

Infrastructure investments will be a part of meeting the needs of the ‘millennial generation’.  I aim to be at the table when these decisions are made, and provide a voice for future citizens served by current Council decisions.

– Noel Muller


3 thoughts on “What does Noel Muller stand for?

  1. Wish you were down here in LA to represent our city. We need more eco-conscious, budget balancing politicians such as yourself.


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