Sechelt is a place with geographical opportunities and limitations.  The natural local environment, unhurried pace of life, and close proximity to the Lower Mainland have long been primary draws in attracting residents.

Sechelt is ALREADY an amazing place that has achieved a thriving mix of residential/commercial/industrial land uses, alongside a vibrant and diverse civic community.  We must recognize the great work that has been done by current and past citizens to build this town.IMG_4291

Our job as the District Council is first, not to mess up a good thing, and secondly, to ‘responsibly’ entertain new opportunities that will grow upon that existing success.  Some of our job is to help generate local business, but most importantly, we need to ensure we balance our budget and remain in a good financial position to continue as a provider of community services long into the future.

It is the right of Sechelt’s citizens to have a fully transparent Municipal process that is responsive to its collective needs: these are ‘entitlements’ protected under Law.  We all benefit when informed citizens are able to become active participants in debate.  Each citizen, after all, is an equal stakeholder in the future of Sechelt, as outlined and protected in our Community Charter.

I look forward to engaging the public in respectful and inclusive discussions.

In my term as Sechelt Councillor I aim to build bridges and heal fractures that have arisen in our community.  I seek to become active in reconciling differences and moving forward with a vision of progress that includes everyone.


11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Sechelt needs councilors that respect the rural quiet community that many of us who moved here to enjoy, let alone those long standing residents wish to preserve.
    The outdated idea that constant development in search of ready profit will answer our needs to survive as a community has to be challenged for it’s absurbity.

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    1. I was born and raised on the Sunshine Coast and returned after obtaining post secondary education in order to raise my children. My family has as much right to viable, living wage employment and affordable housing options which only intelligent growth will bring as those who seek to inhibit change do to their short term mindset.

      I ask you, who will fill the service jobs to provide elder care for those who covet the idealized, rural community? And where will these service providers live? As they certainly will not be able to afford the homes of those holding desperately onto their property values because they did not see change coming.

      That which does not grow, atrophies. But I will acknowledge growth for the sake of growth is not longer feasible in the post 2008 global economy. Smart, high density, green, locally sourced and niche focused is the way of the future.


      1. I bring to your attention example like the “Watermark” which in my mind has nothing to do with maintaining our rural ambiance. Signage such as “Shop, Eat, Play” only leads to acts of desperation to attract shoppers. When I see a growing number of “For Lease” where businesses used to operate it tells me something is surely wrong. If we focus our attention on what is necessary to sustain living on the coast you will get my attention.


    2. I couldn’t agree with you more. Those who believe that Sechelt will “wither and die” without rapid and sustained expansion have little in common with the rural values held by the majority of people who live here. On a larger scale, the goal of unrestrained development in the pursuit of GDP is outdated. This is reflected in the degrowth movement that is on the rise, particularly in Europe. Many of Naomi Klein’s ideas about capitalism also ring true to the reasonable mind yet viable alternatives are not as clear. Materialism is constantly reinforced by the media and greed is to a large extent a facet of human nature. We do know, however, that the status quo is unacceptable. This is according to respected organizations such as the World Bank, not just a handful of “naysayers”.


    3. I agree that constant development is in the old paradigm I also believe that new housing must include green energy options such as pre-fitting for solar panels i.e.
      Unfortunately, the Omni developers on Sechelt Inlet Road said it was too expensive to do so at less than $200. a unit.


    1. We as a community need to decide how many people can the Sunshine Coast support over the longer time in terms of food, water, housing, medical services etc. for a blend of population encompassing the various age groups and income levels. The conversation needs to be open and transparent listening to the various community groups in open conversation as opposed to decision making behind closed doors which now exists.
      Let’s start from there because it involves not only me.


      1. Hello Donald, great variety of criteria there to work with! Have you seen the Sechelt Official Community Plan in detail?


        I think great work has been done in our OCP, and much of what you’ve said is outlined there as guiding directives for ALL District of Sechelt Councils.

        The challenge for us is to implement this plan with active input from informed citizens such as yourself.


  2. I was about to write a letter about Eat, Shop, Play. It’s pretty crass! Obesity, Consumerism and Mindlessness in other words!


  3. Congratulations on your significant win, yah, topped the polls more than everyone involved. This dispels the myth that the young have no chance in the electrol process. The start of the learning curve is about to begin and I trust your are truly up to it. I hope we can stay in contact occasionally as you will have a busy schedule. Don


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