About Noel

Personal & Coast History

Noel moved to Sechelt in 1994 and graduated from Chatelech Secondary with a Provincial Scholarship in the year 2000.  Along the way, he received a world class education from the district’s dnoel and elsaedicated teachers. In his youth the community offered him education, employment, training, mentorship, and above all, friendship.  The amazing support and resources he received from the community allowed him to prosper. He left Sechelt to pursue higher education, a perennial theme among coastal youth, but always retained close ties with the community.  Noel is happy to have returned to the Coast to raise his daughter.

Academic & Career History

Noel attended the University of British Columbia between 2001-05, culminating in a Bachelor of Arts combined majors in Economics and Geography.  During his years at UBC he became active in student politics, attending 7 different ‘Model UN’ conferences and actively engaging his cohort in political debate.  In 2005 Noel was chosen by his peers to lead the UBC Delegation to compete at the NCAA ‘National Model UN Conference’, held annually at the UN Headquarters in New York.

In 2005 Noel graduated into the ‘pre-olympic’ building boom in BC’s Lower Mainland.  He worked on a variety of mega-projects such as the ‘Shangri-La Hotel’ and the ‘Olympic Village’.  In 2012 he received an Inter-Provincial Red Seal Carpenter Endorsement and continues to practise his trade as a residential contractor on the Sunshine Coast.

Political History


In 2013 Noel became active in politics once again, this time as campaign manager for Richard Till’s campaign for Powell River – Sunshine Coast in the BC General Election.  This experience fueled his passion to produce a shift to sustainability in our economy and policy.

After this experience Noel was elected to the BC Green Party Provincial Council as a ‘Regional Representative’ for West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Sea to Sky and the Sunshine Coast.  During his first year on council he was pivotal in a leadership change that saw 8 out of 14 candidates recruited from his region.  Furthermore, they managed to elect from this group: a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Councillor, transforming the face of the BC Green Party.

Noel was elected to Sechelt Council in November 2014 and served the town of Sechelt for 4 years.


3 thoughts on “About Noel

  1. wait im confused now , i thought i saw you say somewhere that you were a conservative , but i only see green party political involvement from you here?….


    1. In a philosophical sense, I’d fall into the moderate conservative category, in a true sense of what that means, however the climate crisis is why I entered politics…also, the social conservatism is not something I ascribe to.I’ve never voted for, or supported a Conservative candidate in any election..I’ve only ever supported the Green


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