Neo-liberalism and the failed generation

The world is currently witnessing the end of the Neo-liberal order on the battlefields of Ukraine. 

Putin is currently on track to be victorious in his goal to disrobe the world order intellectually and spiritually, and to clearly demonstrate that the Western powers have no stomach for hard measures to defend their values.  Putin can lose a ton of military equipment and soldiers in Ukraine, but that means nothing to winning in this situation.  Every minute that goes by without clear decisive action from the West is closer to his victory being complete.

Are we really going to stand by and watch Europe’s largest nation be destroyed, and genocide committed against its’ citizens again?  

Apparently, EU and NATO leaders have laid out the red carpet for Russia to do as it wants.  We will offer defensive weapons only, sanctions that do not affect the West, and safe haven for Ukrainian refugees.  This is a pitiful response from the global order. 

The US and NATO have repeatedly broadcast their #1 goal is not to be involved on the ground. That’s the #1 stated strategy we’re leading with – did they borrow that strategy from the 1938 Munich negotiations?  To quote Polish MEP Radek Sikorski[i] “is this a joke?”.   Zelensky is now objectively correct that the UN ought to dissolve itself in the face of inaction over current events in Ukraine.   This is genocide, and the UN was specifically created to prevent genocide.


I have previously called this current generation of politicians, thinkers, global elite – the failed generation.  It’s a spiritual failure at its core – perpetrated by a political class whose main goal in life was to have an interesting career, make money and feel important – all selfish goals.  Nowhere among them have you seen leaders who were ready to suffer for their ideals or chart the long course of history towards a greater future.  Their story has been littered with deep failures to address difficult issues, such as the militarism of Russia, the rise of China, and the reality of unchecked climate change.   They’re politicians with a world view designed for the photo-op, and the victory parade.  We’re about to see just how complete that failure is.

Is this why Zelensky is such an anomaly to western populations and has been hailed an inspirational global hero?  A leader that will die for their people and undertake immense personal sacrifices to protect them is the STANDARD for what a leader of a sovereign state should be.  We just haven’t seen it in the West for a generation.

At the time of writing, the world is clearly being shown massive war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine.  The savagery of what is being committed is being broadcast globally, and in real-time.  Hit squads, mobile crematoria, rape and torture, systematic targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure.  This is as bad as it ever was in WW2.  In response to this, our leaders are struggling over semantics.  Is it a war crime or genocide?  What’s a defensive weapon?  Do we have stronger words to condemn?   

What would a real response look like?  24 hours for Russian troops to leave Ukraine, and then open season by land sea and air and the combined might of the global order against any Russian forces remaining inside Ukraine.  

We are already in this war, like it or not, as the Russians have said so repeatedly through official channels.

 When are our leaders going to show up?

Noel Muller

[i] In response to initial western aid packages – Feb 24, 2022


3 thoughts on “Neo-liberalism and the failed generation

  1. I could not agree with you more.
    Appalling doesn’t begin to describe it!
    Thanks again Noel.
    Well articulated!
    Words. Words. ~ when drastic action is needed. now!


  2. I think you are bang on. I cringe with every view of the attrocities being committed by the Russians. I realize, however that NATO is terrified by the risk of precipitating nuclear war by engaging with Russia directly. The irony is that it may happen anyway


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